Special Quest: Toss a Coin to Witcher


Hello Witcher…
We invited you to come urgently because we have a very serious problem.
Every day our citizens are attacked by scary creatures of another world, our hunters have found a magic portal that connects the two worlds, but for us ordinary people we cannot move there. Those who tried, died instantly when they stepped a foot on “Bloody Island”, the environment there is so toxic that only one Witcher can withstand it, using a special Elixir to protect it.

To be able to make this “Elixir of Bloody Island” you have to meet Magister “Azeli” in “Town of Giran”, she will assign you a mission called “Toss a coin to the Witcher – Hunting Mission” to collect 200 x “green souls” from monsters in our own world that we’ve heard that they working with them.

When you collect the “green souls” the Magister “Azeli” will give you the special filter “Elixir of Bloody Island” to protect you while you are there and you will receive the first Reward as a deposit for your services. Don’t forget Witcher… for your own safety without the “Elixir of Bloody Island” you can’t use the Magic Gate to get there.

When you finish the first part of the mission “Toss a coin to the Witcher – Hunting Mission” you will be able to move on to the second part named “Toss a coin to Witcher – Raid Slayer“.

At this point and while you have “Elixir of Bloody Island” in your possession you will have to move to the city of Aden and find the Magic Gate in the Cemetery area, remember in each step you will be assisted by your magic map showing you the points of interest.

To get through the Magic Gate you have to make sure it is active, this happens only a few hours a day.

If you manage to get through the Magic Gate you will need the help of several Witchers because in “Bloody Island” the battles will be difficult and demanding.

Your mission there will be to kill six RaidBoss and two EpicBoss.
RaidBoss split into two stages, the “Boss Stage 1” which must die first to collect 150x “Silver Souls” so that after some time they will be replaced by “Boss Stage 2” which will give you 300x “Ruby Souls” when they die.

At the final stage of your quest you must be able to win the battle with the last two Epic Boss to collect 400x “Gold Souls”, if you manage to win the battle the souls will be transformed into “Gold Coins” which will be the proof that you have accomplished your mission, you will deliver them to Magister Azeli who will reward you with your final payment.

So Witcher… are you ready to live this unique experience and be rewarded for it?

on Bloody Island Boss you can Enchant Soul Crystals
Stage 1 Boss : Crystal lvl 11 (Last hit)
Stage 2 Boss : Crystal lvl 12 (Last hit)
Epic Boss : Crystal lvl 13 (Party)

A. Hunting Mission!
You need to Kill Monsters with this order and bring back his Green Souls

Mission 1. Collect 60 Green Souls:
Needle Stakato(70), Needle Stakato Walker(71)
Needle Stakato Soldier(72),Needle Stakato Drone(73)
Mission 2. Collect 60 Green Souls:
Bloody Knight(73),Bloody Mystic(74),Bloody Banshee(74)
Bloody Keeper(74),Bloody Guardian(75),Bloody Lord(75)
Mission 3. Collect 80 Green Souls:
Deinonychus(83),Ornithomimus(84),Wild Strider(85)

x 1 : Enchant Weapon (Grade S)
x 2 : Top-Grade Life Stone: level 76

B. Raid Slayer Mission!
You need to Kill this Raid Boss from Bloody Island
and bring back his Colored Souls, use the Magical Gate
in Aden Cemetery to teleport in the island
(check your map when arrive in this stage)
Remember need to kill bosses with correct order
A. Boss Stage 1. Collect 150 Silver Souls:
Hera Pet(75), Hades Dog(76), Hades Beast(77)
B. Boss Stage 2. Collect 300 Ruby Souls:
Hphestos Machine(75), Ice Guard(76), Hades Guard(77)
C. Blooded Epic . Collect 400 Gold Souls:
Hades Wolf(79),Hydra(80)

x 1 : Blessed Enchant Weapon (S)
x 1 : Blessed Enchant Armor (S)
x 1 : Blessed Enchant Armor (A)

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